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Providing Effective Encryption for all DOD Files

Riverside Research develops and supports Encryption  Wizard—the DOD’s first easy-to-use, FIPS 140-2 accredited, and free file encryptor.  Encryption Wizard enables sensitive files to be securely stored, posted on public websites, and emailed across independent networks. Today, it is used by over 450 federal organizations and 100,000 users.

Encryption Wizard enables secure information sharing through its user-friendly  interface and multi-platform communication tool compatibility. Encryption Wizard protects information with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)-validated cryptography. Competing encryption tools are far more expensive, lack accreditation, often more complicated and less universal, and do not come from trusted sources within the DOD. 

Encryption Wizard is available in two versions: a FIPS 140-2 validated version for US government use and a publicly available version.

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