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MASINT Portal: Search, Discover, Protect

The Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) Portal is the premier search-and-discovery tool used within the intelligence community. It resides on three classified networks and provides access to more than 1million intelligence products used by analysts, warfighters, policymakers, and decision-makers worldwide.  

Riverside Research has been on-site supporting the MASINT Portal program since day one. Upon its inception over ten years ago, we worked closely with our government client assisting with developing requirements, providing customer outreach, supporting advocacy and funding initiatives, and serving as an integral part of the team that brought the capability to the forefront of the MASINT and intelligence communities. Our engineers provided strong technical and programmatic leadership, overseeing the development of the MASINT Portal from a single network interface with a few producers to a robust service-oriented architecture supporting over 20 producers and providing access across several network domains.

Our engineers continue to provide rapid prototype tools to facilitate the dissemination of critical intelligence information to the Nation’s defense communities. The tools developed are used daily to assess the state of the discipline in relation to critical world events and requirements.

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